Friday, November 18, 2011

Actors and bringing ideas to life.

I'm hoping to finalize the cast list for 'Unforgotten' in the next few days. We are planning a table read on Dec. 2nd, which will be the first time to get the (most of) the entire cast together.

Seeing an actor read lines that you've written is always eye opening. Cinema is different from other art forms in a very special way- because it is one art form in which someone else expresses your ideas for you. It can be frightening- but simultaneously amazing to see an actor breathe life into a character.

It's one thing that will never lose it's wonder for me- I can write a character- literally creating a character in my mind, put it down on paper in a scene, and someone else brings that idea that I had in my mind to a physical reality.

More on Casting and Actors soon.

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