Tuesday, July 31, 2012

My next directorial project!

Time for an update!

Things are continuing on with IPSEITY. Editing is still going full force, and this weekend we will begin some small reshoots and pickups. Stay tuned for pictures from these shoots - although it may seem like Deja vu, because, after all, they are reshoots.

In late August, we'll have some more pictures of reshoots, and in addition, we are shooting interviews with the cast. Be sure to stay tuned for that!

And finally, the bigger news:

My next directorial project is entitled 'Bryan' - it is a short film, written by Taylor D. Adams, and will be shot this fall! We are currently in the stages of pre-production, and scheduled to have auditions this weekend. I can say that without a doubt, you will not want to miss any step of this production. The writer and producer, Taylor D. Adams, has a great vision for this project and is very excited. Check out more info about this project at our Kickstarter, HERE!

Sunday, July 22, 2012


Lots has happened recently with The Strong One and Ipseity, as well as some exciting other projects!

We are making plans to enter The Strong One into some well known and reputable film festivals- More info on which ones coming in the next week! In the meantime, be sure to catch the screening of The Strong One at Raleigh's Sparkcon in the Filmspark section.

Sparkcon is an annual arts festival in downtown Raleigh, NC. The dates for this year are September 13-16 - More info about it at Sparkcon.com!

Tim, Josh and I at a screening of The Strong One during Q&A!

Also, Ipseity is moving ahead with more and more scenes being completed. Be sure to follow my filmmaking and directing page to get the updates and see edit screenshots!

In addition to this, we are currently scheduling pickups shoots and interviews with the cast and crew. We'll have some of those videos headed your way asap!

Editing screenshot!

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Aftershock of 'The Strong One'

The team behind The Strong One has been very humbled by the amazing response we've had to our film. Recently, we've been involved in several different publicity events and publications, and there are still several to come.

This past Sunday, Josh Bielick, Tim Reavis, and I revisited Durham and the Museum Brontosaurus to have photographs taken for NC State's School newspaper. Stay tuned later this week to see the article and the photos!

Last night, our team went to Periodic Tables - The Durham Science Cafe meeting at Broad Street Cafe. We screened the film, held a Q&A session, and listened to Tim read some of his stunning poetry.

Tomorrow I am going to be interviewed by Design Life, the College of Design's online publication, as well as speaking with some 'Strong One' enthusiasts via phone.

Overall, continuing to spread The Strong One and telling the behind the scenes story has been rewarding. In the meantime, I am spending every spare moment editing 'IPSEITY'.

More to come!