Saturday, March 31, 2012

More stills from recent shoots...

And once again, here are some more stills from recent shoots-

This scene was shot at Nash Square in downtown Raleigh, NC. This scene involved Charles Allen (playing Ian Tesh), Katherine Drew (playing Jennifer Tesh), Abigail Cornell (playing Audrey Tesh), and Brandon Oakley (playing the Suspicious man).

Even though there was little action, and this wasn't an intense scene, it was exciting to show the Tesh family in this context and environment- An important scene for the film!

One of the props for this day included an ice cream cone for Audrey Tesh (played by Abigail Cornell). As you may know, an ice cream cone will only last for a short amount of time (often times shorter than a film shoot will last). Because of this, Abigail ended up eating more than a couple ice cream cones for this scene. (Special Thanks to Tammy Cornell for allowing such consumption of  this amount of ice cream!)

Enjoy the pictures, and stay tuned for more soon!

The Tesh family takes an afternoon stroll through the park.

Audrey Tesh (Abigail Cornell) enjoys her ice cream.

Ian Tesh (played by Charles Allen) sees someone that he recognizes.

Later on in the scene, Jennifer (played by Katherine Drew) confronts Ian (played by Charles Allen).

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