Tuesday, July 31, 2012

My next directorial project!

Time for an update!

Things are continuing on with IPSEITY. Editing is still going full force, and this weekend we will begin some small reshoots and pickups. Stay tuned for pictures from these shoots - although it may seem like Deja vu, because, after all, they are reshoots.

In late August, we'll have some more pictures of reshoots, and in addition, we are shooting interviews with the cast. Be sure to stay tuned for that!

And finally, the bigger news:

My next directorial project is entitled 'Bryan' - it is a short film, written by Taylor D. Adams, and will be shot this fall! We are currently in the stages of pre-production, and scheduled to have auditions this weekend. I can say that without a doubt, you will not want to miss any step of this production. The writer and producer, Taylor D. Adams, has a great vision for this project and is very excited. Check out more info about this project at our Kickstarter, HERE!

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