Saturday, March 31, 2012

More stills from recent shoots...

And once again, here are some more stills from recent shoots-

This scene was shot at Nash Square in downtown Raleigh, NC. This scene involved Charles Allen (playing Ian Tesh), Katherine Drew (playing Jennifer Tesh), Abigail Cornell (playing Audrey Tesh), and Brandon Oakley (playing the Suspicious man).

Even though there was little action, and this wasn't an intense scene, it was exciting to show the Tesh family in this context and environment- An important scene for the film!

One of the props for this day included an ice cream cone for Audrey Tesh (played by Abigail Cornell). As you may know, an ice cream cone will only last for a short amount of time (often times shorter than a film shoot will last). Because of this, Abigail ended up eating more than a couple ice cream cones for this scene. (Special Thanks to Tammy Cornell for allowing such consumption of  this amount of ice cream!)

Enjoy the pictures, and stay tuned for more soon!

The Tesh family takes an afternoon stroll through the park.

Audrey Tesh (Abigail Cornell) enjoys her ice cream.

Ian Tesh (played by Charles Allen) sees someone that he recognizes.

Later on in the scene, Jennifer (played by Katherine Drew) confronts Ian (played by Charles Allen).

Friday, March 30, 2012

Stills from the opening scene!

As promised, here are more stills from the past couple weeks of shooting- These particular stills are from the opening scene of the film, which was shot on March 18th. This shoot went late into the night (close to 3 am), but we got to see some awesome performances by Mike Gutowski (playing the hitman), Katherine Drew (playing Jennifer Tesh), Charles Allen (playing Ian Tesh), and of course, the wonderful Abigail Cornell (playing Audrey Tesh).

Thanks to Raleigh PD for keeping us safe during the scene downtown!

Enjoy these pictures, and stay tuned for more soon!

This is quite possibly one of the most important shots in the film- The opening shot defines the main character's journey. In one shot, we see that Ian Tesh is both looking back at where he has been, as well as guiding himself forward in life, while looking into a mirror, which serves as a metaphor for self-examination.

Ian Tesh (played by Charles Allen) confronts a hitman (Mike Gutowski)

Jennifer Tesh (played by Katherine Drew) calls for help as she fearfully watches her husband

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This is what I look like when I direct films...

I'll post some serious pictures later this afternoon, so stay tuned!

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Thursday, March 29, 2012

The first of the long-awaited photos...

As promised, here are some of the first of the behind the scenes stills from the past couple of weeks. Below are still from the 'Medical Examiner' scene, with Brett Tolliver, Charles Allen, and Katherine Drew.

Stay tuned for images from the opening scene shoot, the family scene that takes place in a downtown park, and other scenes that haven't been seen yet!

Brett Tolliver (playing the Medical Examiner) and Charles Allen (playing Ian Tesh)

Katherine Drew (playing Jennifer Tesh)

Jennifer Tesh (played by Katherine Drew) tells her husband some alarming news.

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Sunday, March 25, 2012

Pictures from this weekend, and some long awaited updates...

It's been a while since I posted last- I've been busy with shooting and scheduling and other fun pre-production and marketing activities.

We had an extremely extensive shoot last Sunday, a shoot on Tuesday, a shoot on Friday, and a shoot today. Unfortunately, I only have pictures from the one today. However...

... you can follow me on twitter at @nicholas_sailer and I will post them up as soon as I can!

Today we attempted to shoot three scenes, and made it out alive with only two completed. We had some incredible difficulties with our location (a neighborhood street- who would have thought it would be impossible to shoot there?), difficulties with sound (dogs are great pets, but don't belong near a film shoot), and other issues. Enjoy the pictures.

Charles Allen and Katherine Drew rehearsing lines with Paul Frateschi and Matt Harris in the backseat framing the shot.

Preparing to shoot.

This dog barked the whole time.

Preparing another take.

Paul Frateschi frames a shot of Charles Allen (playing Ian Tesh).

Stay tuned for the pictures from the past couple of weekends, as well as our final shoots in March.

We are taking a brief break from shooting in April (due to crew obligations, actor obligations, and Easter), but we'll be back with a couple of final shoots in May. AND...

...stay tuned soon for a teaser trailer!

Thursday, March 15, 2012

Pictures from most recent shoot...

Pictures from our 9 am to 3:30 am shoot this past weekend are here! Enjoy these still frames of the actors Charles Allen, Greg Wait, and Kimberly Parker in the scenes that take place at the government Research and Intelligence facility.

Also, stay tuned for the teaser trailer- coming soon!

Eric Smith (played by Greg Wait) contemplates the situation.

Angela Drake (played by Kimberly Parker) confronts Eric Smith (played by Greg Wait)

Ian Tesh (played by Charles Allen).

Eric Smith (played by Greg Wait) challenges Ian Tesh (played by Charles Allen)

Ian Tesh (played by Charles Allen) considers Eric Smith's challenge.

Ian Tesh (played by Charles Allen) reacts to life changing information.

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Pictures from recent shoots...

Here they are, as promised. In this post are the long awaited pictures from our 18 hour shoot in Winston-Salem on March 3rd, shooting almost all of the scenes between Ian Tesh (Charles Allen) and Jennifer Tesh (Katherine Drew).

This shoot covered scenes that were delicate and intimate to scenes with intense conflict. It was an amazing experience shooting these scenes and witnessing the actor's dedication. I have been moved every time I have watched this footage so far. It is intense, delicate, and real.

More pictures from the more recent shoot coming soon.


Jennifer Tesh (played by Katherine Drew) calls her husband late at night.

Ian (played by Charles Allen) and Jennifer (played by Katherine Drew) reminisce over old photographs.

Jennifer (played by Katherine Drew) and Ian (played by Charles Allen) share an intimate moment.

Ian Tesh (played by Charles Allen) recalls a scarring childhood memory.

Jennifer Tesh (played by Katherine Drew) questions her husband, Ian Tesh.

Ian Tesh (Charles Allen) confronts his wife, Jennifer Tesh.

Jennifer Tesh (played by Katherine Drew) tries to calm Ian (played by Charles Allen) after a traumatic event.

Ian (played by Charles Allen) and Jennifer (played by Katherine Drew) exchange harsh words.


Sunday, March 11, 2012

Updates on the last two weeks...

The last two weeks of shooting have been some of the most intense and most productive! On March 3rd we shot all scenes that take place between the main character Ian Tesh (Charles Allen), and the main character's wife, Jennifer Tesh (Katherine Drew). More news and pictures from those scenes soon!

This weekend (March 9th and 10th), we shot scenes that take place at the government facility where the main character works. These scenes included Greg Wait (playing Eric Smith), Charles Allen (playing Ian Tesh), and our newest cast member, Kim Parker (playing Angela Drake). Kim was cast after another actress had to drop out of the role. Kim rose to the challenge and was able to give a great performance, despite only having been cast 2 days before!

Paul Frateschi (Director of Photography) and Kimberly Parker (playing Angela Drake) prepare for the next scene.

We shot several scenes with Greg Wait and Charles Allen on Friday night, then got up early the next morning to begin shooting again on Saturday.

On Saturday the crew was on set from 9 AM to 3:30 AM the next day.

All I can say is that the crew that I am working with is amazing. Lisa Laurene, Matt Harris, Paul Frateschi, and Megan Bridges all did amazing work and showed amazing dedication. When we finished on Saturday we had shot about 20 percent of the script in two days.

Charles Allen (playing Ian Tesh) and Production Manager Lisa Laurene prepare for the next shot.
Framing a shot with Charles Allen.

Our actors did an amazing job as well. Several times on Saturday we did one-shot scenes (the entire scene is from one angle, and usually lasts for more than 20-30 seconds). Greg Wait, Charles Allen, and Kimberly Parker all accepted the challenges and worked late into the night in order to get the scenes done.

Giving some direction to Greg Wait (playing Eric Smith) about a one-shot scene.

Kim Parker, Greg Wait, and Charles Allen in one of our one-shot scenes.

More behind the scenes pictures and screenshots will be posted later this week. Stay tuned for more pictures, and a teaser trailer soon!

Friday, March 2, 2012


Today I met with Andrew Richardson, who is working on the music for the first teaser trailer for UNFORGOTTEN. Stay tuned for info about the release of the trailer!

Andrew Richardson working on the music track for the first TEASER TRAILER!

In addition to working on some pre-production for UNFORGOTTEN, today Josh Bielick, Tim Reavis, and I were interviewed about THE STRONG ONE for the NC State yearbook. Crazy. 21 and I'm giving interviews.

Tomorrow the crew from UNFORGOTTEN will travel to Winston-Salem to shoot the scenes between Charles B. Allen and Katherine Drew. We'll be shooting approx. 10 pages of the script- a full day of shooting, and everything from very calm, intimate scenes to very intense, dynamic scenes (If only we could shoot 10 pages every day, we'd be done in 9 days, but alas, it doesn't work that way). Look for some on-the-set pictures coming this weekend!