Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Updates, reshoots, auditions, and radio!

Last week, 'The Strong One' team, including Cinematographer Josh Bielick, Writer/poet Tim Reavis, and I, were asked to speak on WUNC's radio show, "The State of Things". It was an exciting and fun opportunity to talk about 'The Strong One' to a broad audience, and we were very thankful for the experience. Check out the podcast of the show on WUNC's website, HERE!

Meanwhile, in other news, the talent management agency, 'Depa Management Group' will be representing me at the Marina Del Ray Film Festival in September! Check out my bio page on their website, here!

Pre-production on my next directorial film 'Bryan', written and produced by Taylor D. Adams continues. Auditions were held on Sunday, and I can only say good things about the talent that will be involved in this film.

Post-production for Ipseity continues on. The video cut is still in progress, and we conducted a reshoot this past weekend. See below for some pictures of the scorching hot August sun, and our attempt at surviving it.

Director of Photography, Paul Frateschi, stays cool.

Stay tuned for more news as we finish the 'IPSEITY' video cut, and produce some interviews with cast and crew!

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