Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Progress on IPSEITY and my next short film project

Progress on IPSEITY

Progress on IPSEITY is going well. We have already handed off our 38 visual effects shots to our Special Effects Supervisor, Matt Harris. These visual effects shots range from exciting things like gunshots to some less exciting things like superimposing images into a computer screen.

I've started discussion of our score for IPSEITY with our composers, Andrew Richardson and Ricky Kovacs, and I've heard a few small samples. Things are off to a great start, and we're excited to start putting music to the visuals of the film.

Audio editing and Color correction has gotten off to a slow start, but we are excited about working with a new member of our audio editing team, Emmanuel Teah Watson.

My Next Short Film Project

As some of you know, the next short film project that I'm slated to be involved in, entitled 'Bryan', will be shooting this weekend. I was asked by a friend of mine, Taylor D. Adams, the writer of 'Bryan', to direct the film. Stay tuned for some pictures and updates on this project!

There are several reasons why I am very excited about this film:

1) Cast. I love working with new cast, and Rob Priester, Lilly Nelson, and Jeff Briggs have shown some great talent.


2) We're shooting on a RED Camera. For those who don't know what that is, I'll tell you this: Peter Jackson is shooting 'The Hobbit' films on a RED camera. The quality is amazing, and I'm excited to work with it.

3) I'll be using a megaphone, and no one will be able to ignore me on set. (I'll be nice about it, I promise)

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