Saturday, September 28, 2013

Film Critique: 'Klopka'

Klopka (The Trap) (2007)
Crime Drama – 106 minutes
Srdan Golubovic

I knew nothing about Klopka, (a Serbian word meaning ‘The Trap”) before I viewed it, and I’m can only wish that it was more well known. Though it is obscure and hidden from mainstream audiences, it is definitely a rare and unique film that is worth seeing several times.

Although I must confess I have a weakness for dramas with this high level of intensity, the most compelling element of this film is not the high tension or the plot twists. The aspect of this film that captured my attention the most was the cinematography.

The cinematography is not only unique and beautiful, but often times the compositions communicate the feeling of the film in ways that few other films do.  Director Srdan Golubovic and Director of Photography Aleksandar Ilic were not afraid to compose shots in ways that force the viewers to feel a certain way about what is happening. In addition to this, the compositions also have an artistic freedom that isn’t seen in most other films.

The film carries us through a twisted journey of a man faced with dark choices about his friends and family. This leads to a rather dark and depressing conclusion, but the story couldn't have ended any other way. 

If you enjoy Klopka, be on the lookout for the director’s following project, ‘Circles’, which was a part of Sundance in January 2013 and is Serbia’s submission to the Foreign Film category of the 2014 Academy Awards.

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