Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Upcoming Films You're Going To Want To See

The next six months hold the release dates of some cinematically awesome films. These are the five films that you will want to see in the next six months.

-Gravity, Directed by Alfonso Cuaron, Oct. 4th
Why? The technology used to make this film is mind blowing. Also, James Cameron called it "The best space film ever done".

-Inside Lewllyn Davis, Coen Brothers, Dec 6th
Why? Because the Coen Brothers have proved they know how to seamlessly and artfully blend music, narrative, and striking period visuals together with films like "O Brother Where Art Though?", and "Inside Lewllyn Davis" will be capture a distinctive 

-American Hustle, David O. Russell, Dec. 13th

Why? Because director David O. Russell has had marvelous success in working with Bradley Cooper, Christian Bale, and Jessica Lawrence in the past, and the chemistry between the actors in this film is sure to be dynamite. Also, the script, which I have personally read an early draft of, is very compelling.

I predict that the last two films on this list will not receive as much popularity at the box office or the press, although  I predict that '12 Years a Slave' has a good run at winning some Academy Awards (My award predictions are an upcoming blog post - look for those soon).

- 12 Years a Slave. Steve McQueen, Oct. 18th
Why? Director Steve McQueen and Michael Fassbender have a chemistry like few other actors and directors do. Steve McQueen's raw and visceral style will be explosive when applied to this story and this setting. Michael Fassbender is also probably one of the best (if not the best actor currently in the industry).

Her, Spike Jonze, Dec. 20th.
Why? Because Director Spike Jonze always has a unique view on the world, and it is always a view worth seeing.

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