Friday, June 1, 2012

Principal Photography is DONE! and other news...

As most of you may have heard, Principal Photography on IPSEITY has wrapped! For those who don't know, this means that all of the scenes have been completed, and we are now on to post-production.

Post-production begins with organizing all of the takes, synching sound, and then beginning to edit, scene by scene.

Thank you to everyone who has put so much time, effort and hard work into this production. Stay tuned for updates to see the fruit of all the labor we have put into this project!

In other news, my film The Strong One was screened at Cannes Film Festival this past month, and will be screened in LA on June 23rd. I will be flying out for the screening with Cinematographer Josh Bielick and Poet Tim Reavis for the CMF Grand Finale. I was also one of five directors to be nominated for the Golden Tripod Award for Best Director, so make sure to stay tuned for some updates on our trip!

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