Tuesday, February 7, 2012

More pictures from this past weekend of shooting

Here are a couple of pictures that didn't make it in the first blog post earlier this week-

In this picture from the Saturday evening shoot is Leah Caruana (playing Vince Malcolm's wife, Elizabeth), Megan Bridges (the faithful Production Assistant), and the young Jennifer Pates (playing Vince Malcolm's daughter, Tiffany).

Leah Caruana, Megan Bridges, and the young but enthusiastic Jennifer Pates on set.

Below are some pictures from out Saturday morning shoot, which took place at NC State's Health Center. In this scene, Ian Tesh (played by Charles B. Allen) seeks out some wise advice from a kind doctor (played by the wonderful Pat Yeary).

Check out the pictures below, and stay tuned this weekend for more pictures and updates!

Production Slate

Megan Bridges, Charles B. Allen, Pat Yeary, and I prepare for the scene.

Running through the lines.

Pat Yeary, Megan Bridges, and Charles B. Allen prepare for the scene.

Pat Yeary playing the Check-up Doctor.

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