Wednesday, February 22, 2012

THE STRONG ONE, and other adventures...

THE STRONG ONE is finished! Click here to watch it!

I could not be more happy with the result of THE STRONG ONE. Working with Josh Bielick, Tim Reavis, and all of the actors was absolutely phenomenal. I am excited to see where this film will take us!

 Josh Bielick, Tim Reavis, myself, and a handful of actors shot on Wednesday night, Thursday morning, Friday morning, Friday evening, all day Saturday, and Sunday afternoon. Editing began on Sunday night and it was scored by Josh Bielick on Monday, and finished up on Monday night.

We turned it in to Campus Movie Fest on Tuesday afternoon at 6, and immediately after I headed to North Raleigh to shoot a scene for UNFORGOTTEN.

This past week has been crazy.

Last night in Raleigh we shot a scene with Charles B. Allen, Katherine Drew, Abigail Cornell, and Abigail's father, Bryan Cornell. Bryan proved to be a great asset to the scene and literally threw himself into the role as a hitman trying to kill Ian Tesh.

Enjoy the pictures!

Audrey Tesh (played by Abigail Cornell) hides in a dangerous moment.

Preparing for a creative shot ended up taking a little longer than expected.

Bryan Cornell (playing the intruder) after a deadly encounter.

Applying some blood makeup to Bryan Cornell.

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