Tuesday, February 28, 2012


This Sunday I was blessed to be awarded the honor of Best Picture, as well as Best Director at Campus Movie Fest at NC State. This means my film, ‘THE STRONG ONE’, will be screened in Hollywood at the CMF Grand Finale in June, and has the potential to screen in Cannes in May!

Winning at NC State CMF Premiere!

On stage accepting awards!

As I look back at the work that I’ve done on THE STRONG ONE, I also look forward to the next month of shooting on ‘UNFORGOTTEN’.

UNFORGOTTEN is by far the largest project I have ever worked on. I began writing the script years ago, and we began pre-production last October. 

Table Read- The first time directing Cast and Crew.

First Rehearsal with Charlie, Katherine, and Abigail.

One of our most extensive shoots.

I can say with all sincerity that UNFORGOTTEN is going to be the best project that I have worked on. THE STRONG ONE is just the beginning. I could not be more excited to spend the next month of my life working with these actors and crew.

To everyone working on this project with me- The next month of shooting will be the best yet!

To everyone watching this project come together- you will not want to miss this next month.

The future holds some unbelievable things ahead of us. THE STRONG ONE is the first step in an exciting and thrilling journey. 

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  1. they need a check box where you can say awesome!! because that is how i feel about this whole thing i was so excited for you guys and all the hard work you have done on "The Strong One" and i definitely cannot wait to see "Unforgotten" :) you guys are so amazing and talented and i know there is so much more to come fore all of you!! love reading your updates by the way :D