Sunday, February 5, 2012

Saturday night's shoot - Vince Malcolm's Scene

Saturday night's shoot was extensive and long, but fulfilling. We shot the scene that takes place at the end of the film- between Vince Malcolm (played by Mike West), the over arching villain in the film, and Ian Tesh (played by the dedicated Charles B. Allen). Vince Malcolm's wife was played by Leah Caruana, and Vince Malcolm's daughter was played by Jennifer Pates.

Check out the pictures from this scene below! And stay tuned for updates on our Saturday morning shoot!

Special thanks to the Pates, who generously let us shoot at their home late into the night. Also, a special thanks to Jason Pates who snapped these behind the scenes pictures.

Dinner at the Malcolm's

Paul Frateschi and the crew frame a shot with Leah Caruana.

Ian Tesh (Charles B. Allen) faces off with Vince Malcolm (Mike West)

Megan Bridges, Paul Frateschi, Me, and Charles B. Allen discuss a shot.

Charles B. Allen prepares for a shot.

Mike West as Vince Malcolm.

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