Monday, February 13, 2012

Weekend shoot

This weekend we shot two scenes: One part of a scene in the home of Ian Tesh, between actors Charles B. Allen (playing Ian Tesh) and Abigail Cornell (playing Ian Tesh's daughter, Audrey Tesh). We ran into some minor technical difficulties, and were only able to shoot part of the scene (however, the parts that we did shoot looked very good).

The second scene we shot this weekend was a funeral scene at Historic Oakwood Cemetery (You might remember the location scouting blog post from back in December). We started shooting Saturday morning in the cold. Special thank to all the extras that came out and braved the cold to be help out in the scene. Check out the pictures below to get a sneak peek at the still frames and behind the scenes.

Me, Matt Harris, Megan Bridges, Taylor Adams, Paul Frateschi, Andrew Richardson, and Christine Hansen preparing for the scene!

Friends and family gather for Marcus Welles' Funeral.

James Caldwell (as the Pastor) leads the funeral ceremony to honor Marcus Welles.

There is no shoot for Unforgotten scheduled for the weekend of the 17-19th, but stay tuned for a 5 minute short that I am working on with Photographer/Cinematographer Josh Bielick!

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