Monday, January 23, 2012

Saturday and Sunday in Review

As promised, here are more pictures from this weekend of shooting!

On Saturday we shot some very short takes with Jaxson Mitchell who is playing Ian Tesh as a child, and Spencer Fox, who played the barber. I was excited to work with both of the actors.

We had set everything up to shoot at the Man-Mur Barber shop in Raleigh, but at the last minute, we were unable to shoot. Thanks to Lisa Laurene for finding us another barber shop that would allow us to film there on the fly!

Scissors slide across forehead of Ian Tesh (played here by Jaxson Mitchell)

Spencer Fox (The Barber) gives Jaxson Mitchell (Ian Tesh) a small trim.

On Sunday I had the privilege to work with Cranston Johnson who played the criminal Darren Corpening. The dynamic between Charles B. Allen (Ian Tesh) and Cranston proved to be thrilling and intense- perfect for this scene. Check out the style of this intense scene below!

Cranston Johnson (playing Darren Corpening) throws swings at a punching bag.

Cranston Johnson (playing Darren Corpening) answers a mysterious phone call.

Cranston Johnson (playing Darren Corpening) raises the intensity in a scene with Charles B. Allen.

Charles B. Allen (playing Ian Tesh) in a scene with Cranston Johnson (playing Darren Corpening).

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