Monday, January 16, 2012

Weekend shoot in review

Tony Basile (playing Marcus Welles) receives a life-changing phone call.
This weekend was an intense weekend of shooting! Friday night was a scene with Tony Basile (playing Marcus Welles) and Meredith Jackson (playing Sarah Welles). Both actors did a great job, especially Meredith Jackson, as it was her first time on the set for Unforgotten.

Saturday was a very long, very intense scene between Charles B. Allen (playing Ian Tesh) and Doug Nydick (playing Jackson Scott). Both of these actors were very dedicated to this scene, and put so much into the shoot. Both of them arrived to the set around 4 pm on Saturday, and left around 3 AM on Sunday.

We were blessed enough to be allowed to shoot at the offices of Shanahan Law Group in downtown Raleigh. As you can see from the pictures, their offices were quite elaborate, and made for a great Mis-en-scene.

 Special thanks go out to Paul Frateschi, Matt Harris, Lisa Laurene, Jon Ayscue (first time ever on a film set!), the faithful Megan Bridges, Behind-the-scenes Xander Dale and Sonja Carter, Christine Hansen, Andrew Richardson, and Elijah Loughran. These people were dedicated and committed to hard work on this shoot- putting in 12 hours or more on this shoot. This could not have been done without them!

Charles B. Allen and Doug Nydick literally threw themselves into this role. They both were extremely enthusiastic about the fight scene, and Doug was never hesitant to take a real hit from Charles B. Allen.

At the end of the scene, Charles B. Allen told us that at this point in the scene, because his character needed to show so much emotion, he could only do the take once. And he only needed to.

Check out the pictures, and stay tuned for some more news later tonight.

Me giving Charles. B Allen some direction for one of the most important shots of the scene.

A stuffed white lion in the offices of Shanahan Law Group.

Charles B. Allen and Doug Nydick rehearsing for part of the fight scene.

Working with one of the main props- A shattered mirror- proved to be difficult.

Charles B. Allen, standing over Doug Nydick, as Jon Ayscue (crew extraordinaire) watches.

Charles B. Allen and Doug Nydick rehearsing the fight scene.

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