Sunday, January 8, 2012

Weekend review

The first weekend of shooting is finished!

It has been an exciting 4 days. Thursday was a photo shoot with Katherine Drew and Charles B. Allen, Friday was a night scene with Tony Basile and Mike Gutowski, Saturday was a night and a day scene with Charles B. Allen, and Sunday (today) was a scene with Charles. B Allen and Greg Wait!

It's been a long weekend, and were able to get some great scenes and great shots in the can. Most of the scenes this weekend were not too extensive (most of them had little or no dialogue), but several of them were very dramatic scenes, and I enjoyed working with the actors to portray the emotions in the right way.

I will be posting some more pictures and details tomorrow about the weekend shoot, but for now, here are a couple behind the scenes pictures!

Lisa Laurene and I prepping the location to shoot.

Eric Smith (Greg Wait) shows Ian Tesh (Charles B. Allen) a crime scene.

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