Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Saturday shoot in review

This Saturday was another exciting shoot- Probably the biggest scene in the film so far! We had a total of 11 crew members and 4 actors on location.

Speaking of location...

We had several possible locations leading up to the shoot, all of which fell through. After some last minute location scouting with our Project Manager Lisa Laurene and our Production Assistant Megan Bridges, we were able to find and secure a fabulous abandoned Salvation Army Warehouse, less than 24 hours before the shoot. Cutting it close, but it worked out and looked great!

The scene follows Ian Tesh (played by Charles B. Allen) as he meets the character Wallace (played by Miles Snow) to try and get closer to the criminal he's been tracking. The scene is monitored by two intelligence agents, (played by Preston Campbell and Stephen Bell). Check out the pictures below from the shoot!

Stay tuned for some more updates and info about the film and next weeks shoot!

Equipment table. Notice the most important piece of equipment on the right.

The crew surveys the location and prepares for a
Paul Frateschi, Director of Photography, and I.

Paul Frateschi frames a shot of Preston Campbell.

The crew prepares for another shot with Preston Campbell.

Me looking over storyboards for the next shot.

Charles B. Allen (playing Ian Tesh) goofs off with Miles Snow (playing Wallace) in between takes.

Charles B. Allen readies for the next take with Miles Snow.

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