Monday, January 30, 2012

Weekend 4 in review!

What can I say to truly capture this weekend of shooting? I'm not sure it can be summed up in words (or pictures), but I'll try.

From prop difficulties, location difficulties, and a couple of miscommunications, we were able to shoot two scenes this weekend.

On Friday night we shot a lovely scene with Charles B. Allen playing Ian Tesh, the father of Audrey Tesh (played by the wonderful and adorable Abigail Cornell). Check out the pictures to see the great dynamic created by both of the actors.

We had a great time with this scene- It was such a sweet moment that was created with the characters, and the whole crew worked so hard to capture it on camera. Special thanks to Tammy and Abigail Cornell for being available on such short notice.

Another thing that made this shoot interesting was the props. This scene required a caterpillar in a jar, and after ordering the caterpillar from Carolina Biological, we were able to incorporate it into the scene (not quite as hoped, but it worked out).

Enjoy the pictures, and stay tuned for more updates on our shoot from Saturday!

Abigail Cornell

The crew plans out the scene.

Andrew Richardson and Megan Bridges discuss the scene.

Abigail Cornell and Charles B. Allen rehearse the scene.

Me watching as Charles B. Allen and Abigail Cornell rehearse.

The diligent Project Manager Lisa Laurene and the faithful Megan Bridges watch the scene unfold.

Things are going well.

Paul Frateschi readies the camera for the next shot.

Talking the scene over with Abigail Cornell.

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  1. I want to see it !!! Do you have the link online, director?